Imperial Russia : Liepāja Kara Osta

Alexander III made Liepāja a fortress: the fort was build around the city. Early in the 20th century a great military base was constructed in the north-west corner. Also a new separate military harbour was dug out. This area is known with the Latvian name Kara Osta (War Harbour).
There was also a post office with own postmarks.

On May 16, 1896 a postal agency is opened ЛИБАВСКIЙ ПОРТЪ [LIBAVSKII PORT].This indication is also placed in the crossed-date postmark. Nikolajs Jakimovs gives in his book and article an overview of the used postmarks.
On August 19, 1899 the post office received a new status and name. In the postmark of this card is indicated the new name: ПОРТЪ ИМПЕРАТОРА АЛЕКСАНДРА III [PORT IMPERATORA ALEKSANDRA III].
On this card is used a double circle postmark with serial-letter a. The government is not indicated, so according the EESTI-classification: the double circle postmarks: type 7 and in the subdivion this postmark is type 7B (without gubernia) and in the further subdivision type 7B1 (with serials * * a etc.).
The picture side of this card, ‘Gruß aus Libau’, Greeting from Libau, with a view of Liepāja, the ‘Badeanstalt’, the swimming baths:

The first postmarks with the new name, ПОРТЪ ИМПЕРАТОРА АЛЕКСАНДРА III, were two crossed-date postmarks (large with serialnumber 1 and small with serialnumber 2). At the bottom was indicated the status: ПТО [P.T.O.], short for ПОЧТОВО-ТЕЛЕГРАФНОЕ ОТДЬЛЕНIЕ (POCHTOVO-TELEGRAFNOE OTDELENIE = Post-Telegraph Sub- Office). The post office is then a Post-Telegraph Agency this status on Augus 19, 1899.

On May 1, 1901, follows an upgrade: Post- and Telegraph sub-office (rank VI). There come new crossed date postmarks with at the bottom ПОЧТ. ТЕЛ. КОНТ. , the abbrevation for ПОЧТОВО-ТЕЛЕГРАФНАЯ КОНТОРА (POCHTOVO-TELEGRAFNAYA KONTORA = Post-Telegraph Office), with serialnumbers 1, 2 and 3.
In all crossed date postmarks has the indication: КУРЛ Г. (KURL G.), short for КУРЛЯНДСКАЯ (KURLYANDSKAYA) ГУБЕРНIЯ (GUBERNIYA), Courland Government.

On December 1, 1908, the post office reached the status of Post- and Telegraphoffice, first in rank V, from May 1, 1913, in rank IV.

After the introduction of double circle postmarks also this office used double circle postmarks with the indication ПОРТЪ ИМПЕРАТОРА АЛЕКСАНДРА III (without gubernia): 4 different.

Postcard, sent to ПОРТЪ ИМПЕРАТОРА АЛЕКСАНДРА III [PORT IMPERATORA ALEKSANDRA III] and has the arrival postmark of the post office in the War Harbour. The addressee is ‘Excellency’, so with a high position, Vladimir Michajlowitsj Archangelsiki.
The message:

From the text (thanks to Olav Petri):
Dear Father and Mother,
Thank you very much ….
Report marks:
Artillery 11
Geography 10
Military technics 8
Fortification 12
The card is sent by someone trainee by armed forces, probably the land forces. He mentions his marks, get at examinations.
He mentions his parents: subject astronomy is a problem, because his neighbour had overwrited him. The teacher did not accept both works, because crib.

In the area of the War Harbour also a buiding was placed, where the officers came together. The text on this card: ПОРТЪ ИМПЕРАТОРА АЛЕКСАНДРА III [PORT IMPERATORA ALEKSANDRA III]. and ‘Officers of the Navy Mess’.

The card is sent to Belgium and in the message the sender ask for Belgian postage stamps (used). Adress-side: above the postmark in the right-upper corner is written a message that the postage stamp is on the other side.