Imperial Russia : Auce

In Latvian this place has more names: Auce, Vecauce or Wezauce. The German name is Alt-Autz. (Old Autz in English). The town is located in the south of present Latvia, near the Lithuanian border.
With the construction of the Jelgava-Mažeikiai railway in 1889 Auce developed rapidly.
Near the town Vecauce Manor is situated, built 1839-1843 for count Karl von Medem. Now Vecauce Manor houses a tourist and culture centre and a hotel, managed by the Latvian University of Agriculture.

In the postmark we see: АЛТЪ-АУЦЪ (ALT-AUTS).
In the EESTI-handbook of Hurt and Ojaste is also given a clasification of the double circle postmarks: type 7.
In the postmark is also indicated КУРЛ Г. (KURL G.), short for КУРЛЯНДСКАЯ (KURLYANDSKAYA) ГУБЕРНIЯ (GUBERNIYA), Courland Government, so this is type 7A (with gubernia).
In the subdivision: 7A1: * * a etc.

In the indication of the sender we see the German name is Alt-Autz. (Old Autz in English).

On the detail of this map we see the Dutch indication:
Oud-Autz. It is near the border of the government Kowno in the south.

The map is from a Dutch boek of 1880: Wereld-Atlas voor Kantoor en Huiskamer / door J. Kuyper. – 1e Deel Europa. – Amsterdan : G.L. Funke, 1880