Soviet period : Postal stationery postcards

In the Soviet period, many postcards as postal stationary are issued. Also many cards have an image from the Baltic. These postcards are part of our collection area.

This card is an old card, the oldest, with a Latvian motif.
The card is issued 17/VI 1954, and with the money reform the card get a stamp. From 1-1-1961: 10 old kopeken are 1 new kopeke. The stock picture cards with imprinted stamp of the miner get an overprint ‘From 1 januari 1961 [is] price of the card with stamp 4 Kop.’ (P249-P250 with overprint in box, and P256-P259 without box). The postcards with the Spasskitower as imprinted stamp -as these card- are also overprinted.¬†Below the address side with imprinted stamp:
The imprinted stamp exist in more types: on the mausoleum 1 or two lines: Lenin or Lenin and Stalin. On the stamp here you see >>> two lines, the indication for Lenin and Stalin.
There is also a difference in printing: Type I: Typography, only vertical lines in the tower (inscription on the mausoleum 1 line: Lenin).
Type II: Typography, only vertical lines in the tower (inscription on the mausoleum 2 lines: Lenin and Stalin).
Type III: Offset: vertical and horizontal lines in the tower (only inscription with 2 lines, Lenin and Stalin)
So this stamp is type III: offset.


The description of the picture – the Theatre in Riga- is only in Russian. Later cards have also a description in Latvian.

At the bottom of the card: the printing data in one line: