Soviet period : Postal stationery envelopes

In the former Soviet Union, an enormous number of postal stationery – envelopes with imprinted stamps – with a motif from the Baltic states have been issued. The official issues of the Russian Ministry of Transport in Moscow were printed in the state printing office “Gosnak” in Perm (in the Urals).

An overview of the envelopes with Latvian motif can be found in:
Schmuckumschläge mit Bezug zu Lettland als UdSSR-Ganzsachen / von Harry v. Hofmann
Hamburg : Harry v. Hofmann Verlag, 2014

The first envelope as postal stationery with Latvian motif was published in 1954:

Postal stationary, issued August 31, 1954

The description of the picture – the Opera and Ballet Theatre in Riga- is only in Russian. Later envelopes have also a description in Latvian.

The printing data are placed on the back of the later issued envelopes. In the period 10-06-1950 – 01-09-1957 the rate for a domestic letter was 40 kopecks. As indicated here in the printing data: the price of this envelope was 50 kopecks.

The first envelopes

DATE NR Catalogus Description
1954.08.31 38 Riga, Opera & Ballet Theatre
1954.11.12 64 Latvian Pavillion at Moscow expo
1955.11.28 175 Kemeri
1955.11.28 176 Riga. Opera & Ballet Theatre
1956.04.10 246 Riga, Comsomol Embankment (clock, cock, cathedral)
1957.05.23 432 Riga, Comsomol Embankment (cathedral)
1957.05.23 433 Riga, Opera & Ballet Theatre
1957.08.23 509 Riga, monument to Y. Rainis, dichter
1957.11.21 574 Ruins near road to Koknes
1958.07.21 735 Riga, Comsomol Embankment
1958.11.22 813 Baltic sea, Riga

My list with an overview of the issued envelopes with Latvian theme: download as excel-bestand

12/XI 1954

Postal stationary, issued November 12, 1954

The printing data are still on the front.