Estonia : Soviet 1944-1991

On 24 September, 1939 the Soviet Union starts with the ‘mutual defence’ of Estonia and get military bases in Estonia. The Soviet Union invaded Estonia on 16 June 1940 and 17 June the government capitulated. The occupation was completed on 21 June 1940. As Estonian SSR Estonia is incorporated into the USSR on August 9, 1940.
On 22 June 1941 Germany invaded the Soviet Union and on 7 July the German Army reached the Estonian border. On 17 August Narva is occupied by the Germans and 28 August Tallinn.
Autumn 1944 The Soviet Army is back in Estonia and a long Soviet period starts.
After the ‘singing revolution’ in 1989 follows on 20 August 1991 the declaration of independence, recognation by the Soviet Union on 6 September 1991.