Railway post of Lithuania in Imperial Russia

A survey of the Railway Post in Lithuania you can find in:
Railway post in Lithuania / Jan Kaptein & Eugenijus Uspuras
In: HBG 2010 ; 56. – 124 p. – English, in color.

Card to Hamburg with the postmark  ВЕРЖБОЛОВО – ВИЛЬНА (Werzbolovo – Wilna). In imotation of Germany also Russia introduced in 1903 the oval postmarks for the railwaypost.

De beeldzijde van de kaart

The image side of this card with the ‘Gruss von der Deutsch-Russischen Landesgrenze’, Greetings from the German-Russian border. ВЕРЖБОЛОВО  (Werzbolovo, in Lithuanian Virbalis, and in German Wirballen,) was a very important transfer station between Germany and Russia. Gauges of different widths were present, the West European and the broader Russian gauge. The
Czarist (broad gauge) width was 1524 mm and the West European width was 1435 mm. The station itself was 4 kilometres distanced from the border, and the small village of КИБАРТЫ (Kibarty, Lithuanian Kybartai) was directly situated on the border. As the result of the growth of Kibarty into a sizable town the border station Werzbolovo became engulfd by this town. Later on the station was also called Kibarty.