Republic 1918-1940 : Formula cards

The first formula card of the first Republic Latvia has the ‘sun’-design with L ***: the provisional state arms. This is the first printing, end of 1920.

A formula card of the first printing, issued end of 1920, sent from Aizpute to Riga. Aizpute is a town in western Latvia, 50 km northeast of Liepāja. The postmark: text in the ‘old orthograhy’ (LATWIJA)

In the first printing -1920- the first bracket of (Latwija) is placed under the first ‘A’ of PASTKARTE.

In 1921 a second printing is produced: the card here below to Leipzig in Germany.

A formula card of the second printing, issued mid-1921. The card is vertically stripped (handbook VI b). Postage stamp is 5 r, perforation 11¼ : 11½ Mi. 82aR (in the handbook). Machine postmark Riga 26 XI 21, sent to Leipzig.
The second printing.
The first printing.

In the second printing-1921- the first bracket of (Latwija) is placed under the ‘S’.

Lettland Handbuch Philatelie und Postgeschichte: die Ganzsachen und postamtlichen Formulare 1918-1940 / Harry von Hofmann (red.)
Hamburg : Harry von Hofmann Verlag, 1997. – About these cards: p. 12-13
Other differences according the handbook:
Printing 1920, in the handbook numbered V
Lower arm of K and R in PASTKARTE is more downwards and PASTKARTE 25 mm long, printed on a thin card
Printing 1921, in the handbook numbered VI:
K and R in PASTKARTE is normal and PASTKARTE 28 mm long, printed on thicker card

Printing 1921 has two varieties:
VIa paper is horizontally stripped
VIb paper is vertically stripped (the card above)

Both cards: format about 13.8 x 9 cm