Railway post

Card, sent to Germany in 1913, with an image of the Dvinsk station in Riga. In front of the station the Russian Orthodox chapel.

When this important Riga-Dünaburg-Orel line was put into use in 1861, Riga got its first station: the Dünaburg or Orel station, shown on the map above. The station is also referred to as Riga I.
The station was built between 1858 and 1861 after a design by the architect Johann Felsko; in 1885 it was expanded according to a plan by Heinrich Scheel. The small two-storey building was rebuilt and expanded. Four years later, a chapel was built for the station in connection with the miraculous rescue of Tsar Alexander III and his family in a railway accident in 1888. In 1882, Riga I was expanded once again. Riga I was a top station on the right bank of the Dvina / Daugava.
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